Craiglee Shiraz 2014 Offer

A winery with a proud 19th-century record, Craiglee recommenced winemaking in 1976 after a prolonged hiatus. Produces one of the finest cool climate Shirazs in Australia, redolent of cherry, licorice and spice. JAMES HALLIDAY

Pat Carmody probably shouldn’t need an introduction to any lover of great Australian Shiraz. One probably wouldn’t think first of Sunbury as the home of spicy, refined and incredibly long lived Shiraz but Craiglee remains one of this country’s reference point cool climate examples of our most cherished grape. Certainly, for me, this is one of the most alluring and seductive Shiraz in Oz and certainly one of the very small top handful in Victoria with a track record of ageing gracefully over a long period but also a wine that is usually so beguiling in its youth.

The story goes, for those who haven’t heard it already, that Pat discovered some wine from the original vineyard planted on his property from the 1872 vintage which he opened for James Halliday, the wine was so good Pat was convinced to plant vines there. James tasted another bottle in 1993, if you get the time find the review on his site, it gives you an idea as to the longevity and special nature of the Craiglee wines.

The 2014 is one of the best vintages in some years, which I think has been reflected in the praise from the press. I opened a bottle a recently and was immediately drawn in by the perfume and that trademark spice and black pepper. For people familiar with this wine that spice is a dead giveaway as to the wines origin as is the silken, sweet, fruit profile and those ripe supportive tannins.

My one concern with wines like this is that there is a generation of younger consumers who haven’t yet had the singular pleasure of opening a bottle of this wine with some bottle age. You really don’t know what you are missing out on. Buy this wine, open one soon for a look but put the rest away in a cool, dark place for as long as you can resist. Just do it, you will thank whichever deity (if any) you subscribe to when you finally start pulling the corks.

We are offering this at a very special six pack price as we honestly would love to see the wine in the hands of as many people as possible, we love this wine.

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