Cru Beaujolais & Friends Tasting

Beaujolais cru quality in 2017 looks exceptionally good. ANDREW JEFFORD, Decanter

While we have long been touting the virtues of Beaujolais as the region (re)discovered itself after the 1980s (let's be honest they aren't the only ones with regrets there) the market has caught up.
Perhaps it is the maturity of the Australian wine market or the increasing prices in Burgundy, maybe it's the hype around the many producers at the edge of the 'minimal sulphur' movement so touted by the younger generation of the wine trade, more likely it's because the wines have never been better: nobody can get enough of Beaujolais and who can argue?

The new generation of vignerons are moving forward with an eye to the past, a penchant for experimentation, (and occasionally transgressive winemaking), and an understanding of the importance of old vineyard resources. While the old guard that survived the nouveau movement have held steadfast to quality and tradition. Add a string of fantastic vintages across the last decade and we get the meteoric rise in demand and interest. Yet the wines remain one of the great buys of France, delivering astounding quality and value when compared to other regions of France.

There is a lot of excitement around 2017 and 2018 following from the classically styled 2016s which had heaps of Beaujolais' trademark freshness, bright fruit profiles, are delicious now and they will cellar brilliantly.