Cullen - 30 Years as Senior Winemaker Offer

One of the pioneers of Margaret River, and has always produced long-lived wines of highly individual style from the mature estate vineyards. The vineyard has progressed beyond organic to biodynamic certification and, subsequently, has become the first vineyard and winery in Australia to be certified carbon neutral. JAMES HALLIDAY

At the very top of the quality and ethical tree you might drink wine from the biodynamically certified vineyards of Cullen from Margaret River TIM WHITE

Cullen has created an enviable legacy built on quality and a relentless pursuit of excellence in her family's estate with an almost unsurpassed commitment to bio-dynamically managed vineyards. Cullen's quest for quality, integrity and sustainability is about working with nature rather than trying to control it. The results speak for themselves and in a relatively short time this estate has become a benchmark with few peers. Achieved through Vanya's holistic approach to winemaking and grape growing the wines are a testament to both her skill and knowledge. Her philosophies now intimately connected to Cullen as a brand and as standard bearer for the bio-dynamic wine community at large. There is in fact very little we could say here that would add to the long list of awards, accolades, consistently excellent wine or respect that Vanya holds in the wine industry.

"It's a very beautiful thing to do" says Vanya Cullen "It's very much about nature and as much as we can keep that purity of nature in the wines we do."

Vanya's next evolution in winemaking has seen a shift away from her more 'traditional' wines to what is affectionately called her super-natural wines. It is difficult though to separate these wines from what she already does as these present as merely an extension of her already established winemaking philosophies - minimal intervention, no additions and connection to site. They do however delve deeper again into the world of biodynamics with harvest dates and winemaking tightly rooted to the moon and biodynamic calendar. They have also incorporated the use of amphora and other ancient winemaking techniques into a range of fascinating and thought provoking wines.