Daniel Bouland 2017 Offer

Producteur des très grande qualité (ONE OF ONLY FIVE IN BEAUJOLAIS)
This tiny wine grower of the hamlet of Corcelette (note the first name as there are numerous Boulands in the area!) has seduced us for a few years now with his concentrated and textured Morgons. The fruit weight in no way masks the almost wild minerality of the soil. These wines have an intensity that can only come from old vines that are impeccably cultivated. Le Classement, La Revue du vin de France

Among the new generation of top-class Beaujolais producers, Bouland produces elegant but decidedly concentrated, ageworthy wines from mostly extremely old, organically farmed vines. He makes his wine by the traditional Beaujolais method, meaning whole clusters fermented in open-top stainless steel and concrete vats, with native yeasts, followed by aging in large, used oak casks before bottling without fining or filtration. Production here is small as Bouland owns just under four hectares of vineyards, total. JOSH RAYNOLDS

It’s clear by now that Daniel Bouland is one of Beaujolais’ major as well as most consistent talents. DAVIDSCHILDKNECHT

Along with the likes of Foillard, Lapierre, Thivin and Pierre Chermette Bouland represents the very best of modern Beaujolais. A producer who crafts terroir driven wines that are built first and foremost in the vineyard while the winery work is kept to a minimum and the fruit allowed to sing as loudly as possible. They are unhindered by artifice and in no way reminiscent of the bulk, stock standard Beaujolais that sadly flooded the markets for too long.

Bouland’s 17s are perhaps the most convincing bracket I have tasted from Bouland since his gorgeous 13s, in time I think these 17s may prove to be even more impressive. They stand out for the depth of mineral inflected fruit. They are, as a bracket, at once cool and airy but also structured, each has a fine network of supportive phenolics. Really this is as lovely a set of Beaujolais as you could hope for. While enticing now I suggest holding off for three or so years before opening the first bottle, trust me it will be worth it.