Dirty Three All the Dirts Pinot Noir 2018

We have all been waiting for the 2018s from Victoria’s Pinot regions to start rolling in. As is usual for a few of us at PWS HQ we tend to head out to various regions throughout the year to taste and it became apparent quite quickly that 2018 was going to be special, better than special it was one of those years winemakers like Marcus Satchell hope for. As James Halliday summed it up in his vintage report for Gippsland it was “A first class outcome across all varieties.”

For those not familiar with Marcus’s work he is the guru of Gippy having worked everywhere that matters and many would say he has been, in large part, responsible for helping reshape the region and grow everyone’s understanding of the wines and what they can become in the right hands. He has had a pretty stellar career and been the man behind some of the regions greatest successes.

Dirty three is his own venture and he has drawn on his substantial knowledge of the region to source fruit from the very best sites that he has worked with over the years. The results are an emphatic statement about what Gippsland Pinot means to him and where he thinks the quality level should be. He produces four wines, three single sites and one Gippsland regional expression, the All The Dirts Pinot which is what we are looking at today because the 2018 is way out there for the quality it is delivering at this price point.

It is a winery we think is on its way up and quickly. If you don’t know them already you should take the time to acquaint yourself with the wines that are demonstrating the potential of a fully armed an operational Gippsland (sorry but I have to sneak Star Wars references in when possible). It is so good it’s a money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

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