Dirty Three, Onannon & Precipice New Releases

This week we welcome a slightly disparate collection of winemakers to the store to show some of their new releases. The theme is frankly great wines. Marcus Satchell from Dirty Three has expanded his Gippsland operation to include three brilliant single vineyard pinot noirs and the wines are delicious and show just how serious Gippsland is as an up and coming region. The boys from Onannon: Will Byron, Caspar Hermann and Sam Middleton have taken their small project which started as a pipe-dream over a few beers at uni. The wines have always been good, but this year they have refined their approach – perhaps with a little age comes a little wisdom. Regardless the wines have never been better and the single vineyard’s Pinot releases take the label to a new level of quality. Marty Singh started his little side project of Precipice as a hobby from his day job at Oakridge, sourcing his fruit from single vineyards in the Yarra. 2017 graced the Yarra with outstanding conditions and these releases show it.