DML VIN Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2018

In principle, it doesn't take much to set up a new wine label.  In practice it takes many little things to go right. If you care at all about the quality then having access to great fruit  is important, having the skills and knowhow to 'not ruin it' is also paramount, finally the ability to take this new wine to market is the final hurdle to jump.

So when talents from two great wineries collaborate with a four time AFL premiership player who's been bitten by the wine bug hard.  It's hard not to take notice.  Of course it would've be a trip to Tuscany that dragged Jordan Lewis' attention to wine, and we all know how that deep that rabbit hole can be!

In his immersion, he struck up a friendship with the D'Anna family who own and operate Hoddles Creek, arguably the family behind some of the best value wines in the Yarra Valley. (This last reference to value shouldn't distract you from the sheer quality of their wines.)  The third collaborator here is Sam Middleton the third generation to helm the winemaking at the iconic Mount Mary.

DML is a project that will source single blocks of great victorian Pinot Noir and express the sites by promoting beautiful fruit purity, focus and detail with a savoury, earthy edge. This Mornington Pinot kicks things off nicely although the quantities are tiny!


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