Domaine de Bellene Bourgogne Rouge 2016

“The wines are great, and it’s maybe one of my best vintage.” NICOLAS POTEL

I can see no reason – bar the rather important one of pricing – not to go large this year, since 2016 offers both quality and character. JASPER MORRIS MW

So, as with every vintage, the two questions for you as consumers that take precedence over everything else always are: should I buy the wines and if so, how much of them? The best wines are wonderfully refreshing, transparent and graceful with moderately firm tannic spines where the all-important element of balance is supplemented by good but not high acidities. Before I offer more detail, the short answer is yes on both accounts that the 2016s deserve a place in your cellars and there is no reason not to go heavy – I for one will be buying all that I can afford and find. More specifically, there are two aspects that I absolutely love about the 2016s which are those of the crystalline transparency to the underlying terroirs coupled with their refreshing drinkability. One just feels like drinking the 2016s, in fact it’s hard not to like them. BURGHOUND

There is something about the Domaine de Bellene Bourgogne every year that still amazes me. Nicolas Potel is adamant that this is his most important wine as it is the bottling that most people are first exposed to and so it should represent the very best possible quality and highlight what his Domaine is all about, it does that consistently. Year in and year out Nic produces one of the best value and highest quality Bourgogne we get to try.

The 2016 is a brilliant follow up to his block buster 2015. The 2016 is most definitely a product of the vintage, and the very old vines he owns that go in to his Bourgogne (67 years on average), with all its crunchy red fruits, heady perfume and snappy sour cherry finish. There is an just a hint of seriousness to the wine, a subtle depth of flavour and sneaky concentration, again this year. It’s something I always admire in Nic’s Bourg, while its definitely user friendly I think if you kept your mitts off it for two or three years you would find there was more hiding under all that attractive red fruits. I can tell you right now I will never know because no bottle of this that winds up at my house will live through the night, just saying.

As is our custom with the Bellene Bourgogne we like to offer it on a once off special price to try and spread the love around. In saying that though this has garnered a huge following over the years among our regulars and last year we had to go back to Nic and haggle for a little more out of him, which also sold out. We think this will be a similar story, I would bet most people who try this will come back for more, especially as we are offering it at 20% off in the dozen and 30% off in two dozen lots.

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