Dr Edge Tasmania Chardonnay 2019

After having worked as a winemaker for Petaluma, Peter Dredge moved to Tasmania in 2009, spending 7 years within the Accolade group, becoming chief winemaker at Bay of Fires. He moved proactively to become a consultant and self-employed winemaker to shortcircuit the uncertainty then existing around Accolade and its future. In ’15 he sourced a small amount of pinot noir from Joe Holyman of Stoney Rise and Gerald Ellis of Meadowbank to start his own label. He made the wine at Moorilla as a contract client with sole control of the winemaking process. In ’15, during vintage, the Ellis family, owners of Meadowbank, approached Pete to form a partnership to relaunch Meadowbank. As part of the deal, Meadowbank gave Pete a sole lease arrangement to 1.5ha of pinot noir from the ’16 vintage and onwards JAMES HALLIDAY

The thing that always fascinated me about Tasmania, is it’s always been considered one GI, one geographical indicator. I figure the distance between the Clare Valley down to McLaren Vale was the same distance is the Tamar Valley down to the Huon Valley in Tasmania. Throughout South Australia we had all this diversity and different GIs and it was similar in Tasmania from the north to the south to the east, incredibly diverse. PETER DREDGE

Peter Dredge has been collecting a strong following for his Dr Edge wines from both PWS staff and valued customers alike. Most are familiar with his impeccable Pinot Noir’s, and to them we say, you have to try his Chardonnay’s.

They are similarly compelling, pleasure forward wines.  Once again driving home the notion that behind Peter’s easy going demeanour is a man with an innate thirst for his craft. Someone who’s constantly looking learn but never losing sight of the emotion that can come from drinking great wines. Here his ability to have a knife edge acidity coupled with fleshy fruit and some savoury texture make these wines a must try.

Part of his education and journey is understanding site and clonal differences with small batch ferments. Luckily for us he bottles a small amount of these under his North, East, South cuvées. These present the idea that Tasmania is more than the single GI (Geographical Indicator) that is attributed to the islands wines.

The wines are whole bunch pressed into old oak, fermentation is completed with native yeasts and the wine is then left to age on solids (including some whole clusters) for nine months.

The larger portion of his work is bottled under a more typical Tasmanian blend.  This is where the art of blending to create something better than the sum of its parts is employed. All are worth the journey. The best pricing on his compass point Chardonnay’s is only in our mixed 6 pack.

PLEASE NOTE, these are available in limited quantities and preference on the single vineyard wines will be given to those ordering them the Compass Point mixed 6-pack.