Dr Edge Tasmania Pinot Noir 2017

After having worked as a winemaker for Petaluma, Peter Dredge moved to Tasmania in 2009, spending 7 years within the Accolade group, becoming chief winemaker at Bay of Fires. He moved proactively to become a consultant and self-employed winemaker to shortcircuit the uncertainty then existing around Accolade and its future. In '15 he sourced a small amount of pinot noir from Joe Holyman of Stoney Rise and Gerald Ellis of Meadowbank to start his own label. He made the wine at Moorilla as a contract client with sole control of the winemaking process. In '15, during vintage, the Ellis family, owners of Meadowbank, approached Pete to form a partnership to relaunch Meadowbank. As part of the deal, Meadowbank gave Pete a sole lease arrangement to 1.5ha of pinot noir from the '16 vintage and onwards. JAMES HALLIDAY

We at PWS have long promoted the wines of Tasmania and while sometimes along that journey it has felt like there has been a few false starts in terms of the State achieving its potential, there's little doubt the proliferation of new and seriously good producers now inhabiting the cool-climate scene is testament to the fact that Tasmania has truly arrived! One of its most exciting newer producers is Peter Dredge under his Dr-Edge label. So much has this star risen that these are now heavily allocated wines and this in only a few short years since starting up in 2015.

Dr Edge's range is an interesting take on regionality in Tasmania (a hotly debated topic amongst the cognoscenti). There is a wine from the whole of Tasmania as a blend, and then from the three main sub regional growing points of the Island: The North, the South and the East. All are subtly different which is what you would expect, but regardless of the concept all the wines show real tension and fresh acidity from the outset and entice you to ponder what would happen if you laid down some of his bottles for a few years to see how they develop (if you have the self-control).

Having worked at Petaluma in 2008 under "Dredgey" as a fresh-faced kid out of school, it’s interesting to now watch him grow as a winemaker/producer and year on year incrementally improve his wines and hone his style. It's fantastic to see one of my mentors going it on his own successfully and making such a huge impact so quickly.

Judging by last year’s sales and this year’s paltry allocation, these wines will not last long.


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