Dr Edge Tasmania Pinot Noir 2018

After having worked as a winemaker for Petaluma, Peter Dredge moved to Tasmania in 2009, spending 7 years within the Accolade group, becoming chief winemaker at Bay of Fires. He moved proactively to become a consultant and self-employed winemaker to shortcircuit the uncertainty then existing around Accolade and its future. In ’15 he sourced a small amount of pinot noir from Joe Holyman of Stoney Rise and Gerald Ellis of Meadowbank to start his own label. He made the wine at Moorilla as a contract client with sole control of the winemaking process. In ’15, during vintage, the Ellis family, owners of Meadowbank, approached Pete to form a partnership to relaunch Meadowbank. As part of the deal, Meadowbank gave Pete a sole lease arrangement to 1.5ha of pinot noir from the ’16 vintage and onwards JAMES HALLIDAY

The thing that always fascinated me about Tasmania, is it’s always been considered one GI, one geographical indicator.  I figure the distance between the Clare Valley down to McLaren Vale was the same distance is the Tamar Valley down to the Huon Valley in Tasmania. Throughout South Australia we had all this diversity and different GIs and it was similar in Tasmania from the north to the south to the east, incredibly diverse. PETER DREDGE

What winemaker Peter Dredge has achieved and continues to achieve, is quite remarkable. Since launching his solo-project Dr-Edge Wines in 2016, Dredgie (as he is also known) has quickly built a cult following for his delicately delicious wines. Particularly amongst the younger generation of wine drinkers. This coupled with his desire to produce approachable wines almost distracts from the thought, consideration and skill that goes into crafting the Dr-Edge wines. Not to mention, the glowing endorsements and reviews he’s received from both the new-wave media and veteran wine commentators like James Halliday & Huon Hooke.

The latter writing on the Dr Edge 2017 releases; “Peter Dredge’s Dr Edge wines from Tasmania… four bottlings, one each from the East, South, and North and a blend, were gorgeous”. And the year before “There were also the four new 2016 Tasmanian pinots under Peter Dredge’s Dr Edge label – one from the East, one South, one North and the fourth a blend. All superb.” Those that know Huon’s writing, know that he’s not prone to throwing out superlatives lightly.

This year, Peter has released the last vintage of his North / South / East Tasmanian Pinot Noirs. The project where he vinifies single sites and single Pinot Noir clones from around Tasmania as similarly as possible. This year the clone is 777 which Peter describes as the lighter, ethereal one. The sites:

- Stoney Rise Vineyard - Tamar Valley (North)
- Hazards Vineyard - East Coast
- Meadowbank Vineyard - Derwent Valley (South).

Similarly to last years allocation, we’ve put them together in a multi-regional pack. The only true way to appreciate the extreme nerdiness of this project. One for drinking & one for cellaring, or perhaps one great dinner party?.

The good news is that there is again decent volumes of his Tasmania blend which includes all of the sub regional wines blended with batches made from additional Pinot Noir clones and winemaking techniques. This cuvee, puts all of the pieces together to form Peter’s overall vision of Dr Edges Pinot Noir going into the future.

Dredgie, bringing generations of wine lovers together. PWS

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