Duemani New Releases 2019

Bolgheri 2016: One of the best vintages ever. DECANTER MAGAZINE

Proprietors Luca D’Attoma and Elena Celli appear to be unstoppable forces here. Over the last few years, D’Attoma and Celli have begun to work more with cement and have introduced whole clusters, both of which seem to give the wines more layers of expression. The Duemani wines stand out for their extraordinary purity. What else is left to say? ANTONIO GALLONI

Fiercely independent and a man of mesmerizing intensity, Luca D’Attoma is one of the best winemakers in Italy. MONICA LARNER, The Wine Advocate

With this set of new releases Luca D’Attoma continues to show why he is regarded as one of Italy’s greatest winemakers. The two wines in this release are very different in style and delivery. 2016 has been heralded as one of the all time great years in the region, a modern day benchmark by which all other years will be measured for some time I would suggest. The best wines have everything going for them, power, intensity, freshness and structure. They can be the complete package in the hands of a producer like Duemani.

2017 was a year characterised by more drastic weather with many regions experiencing devastating frosts followed by a warm summer. While this is not ideal for certain varieties Luca’s obsession with Cabernet Franc payed dividends in 17. The Cifra is meant to be a wine to drink on the younger side, something to sit on while you wait for its big brother to mature in the cellar, and this year it shows just a touch more fruit weight and richness adding a plump feel to the palate. There is no lack of freshness to the sumptuously round wine and the Franc tannins play amongst the fruit so well. It is the ideal wine for so much food. The kind of thing you buy in bulk and open whenever you need a great bottle to accompany a meaty dish.

As is seemingly the case in recent years Duemani have once again released reference point wines for quality in their region. These are Tuscan beauties that provide both mass appeal and, for those with the inclination, that all important intellectual element, that X factor you get from the great wines of the world. A combination of a strong sense of place coaxed to its full potential in the hands of a gifted vigneron.

We get a little excited about this release here. Duemani’s wines are some of the most interesting and wonderfully unique wines of Tuscany.

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