Egly Ouriet Offer 2019

Egly-Ouriet is one of the reference-point growers in Champagne, with a deep selection of wines that offer remarkable transparency to site, vintage and variety … These are among the most pure, unmanipulated Champagnes readers will come across, and the estate’s new releases are all highly recommended. ANTONIO GALLONI

Few producers can equal Francis Egly in skill and experience, and larger houses cannot hope to emulate the cultivation norms… MICHEL BETTANE & THIERRY DESSEAUVE, The World’s Greatest Wines

Francis Egly has been making wine at this renowned Ambonnay estate since 1982, and among grower producers today, he has a reputation in the region only second to Anselme Selosse. Egly’s champagnes are powerful and rich, although they are also capable of great complexity and finesse. Dosage is extremely low, which adds to the uncompromising personality of these wines. PETER LIEM, Champagne

What Larmandier-Bernier achieves with Chardonnay, so Egly-Ouriet manages for Pinot Noir: wines of riveting purity and concentration. ANDREW JEFFORD, The New France

Egly-Ouriet remains the finest grower in Champagne right now, and my only 10/10 grower. TYSON STELZER, The Champagne Guide 2018-19

At the risk of sounding like I a broken record here, Egly is one of the world’s great wine estates and their accomplishments in the Grower Champagne movement are only rivalled by a very small group of super stars producers like Selosse, Pierre Peters, Larmandier and a few others of similar ilk.

If you do not know these wines I urge you to try them, they deserve your attention. Thrilling things that deliver driving intensity and power matched by crackling energy and heady nuance. These are tremendous wines borne of their soils and crafted in to astonishingly brilliant Champagnes by the hands of a true master of his craft. Equal parts crystalline interpretations of their terroirs and testaments to the skill and steady hand of Francis Egly.

While every release of Francis Egly’s wines is something exciting this is one a little out of the box with some of the base vintages being worthy of note on their own and, of course, there is the big gun in the 08 vintage. The down side is the same every year, sadly there simply isn’t much of these wines to go around anymore as their reputation has soared globally and demand has followed suit.