Epic New Trimbach Releases 2019

As Hubert Trimbach puts it, ‘we are guardians of the traditional, classical approach to Riesling while some of our colleagues have switched to a style with more residual sweetness’. Makers of the world-famous Clos Ste Hune from a plot inside the Rosacker Grand Cru above the village of Hunawihr. JANCIS ROBINSON MW

Trimbach is world-famous for its two iconic Rieslings, the Clos Ste. Hune and the Cuvée Fréderic Emile, but there are many other interesting wines in the estate’s portfolio. IAN D’AGATA, Vinous Media

The Trimbach family continues to render some of the world’s finest Riesling; to uphold the principle that wine of Alsace (unless V.T.) should not taste sweet; to release wines only when they believe those wines say “it’s time” DAVID SCHILDKNECHT

As the Frederic Emile was being poured for the crew recently Michael took a little step back and quietly said to himself “you know this has been one of my all time favourite wines over the years.” It tells you two things, we are all a little nuts here and occasionally talk to ourselves or our wines. Secondly it should tell you the huge admiration we have for the wines of Trimbach and Alsace in general.

Trimbach is one of the old guard in Alsace. They have been unwaveringly producing traditional Alsatian Rieslings, and other local varieties, for generations and always of the highest possible quality. They produce, arguably, the most famous wine of the region in Clos St Hune, a sub plot of Rosacker which is regarded as one of the greatest dry sites for Riesling globally. Perhaps as importantly the quality of their wines is exemplary up and down their hierarchy.

The cornerstone of the stable is the legendary Frederic Emile, a wine that is only released after a number of years in bottle assuring that people are drinking it as it begins its upward trajectory. While there is no doubt that CSH is one of the worlds greatest single site white wines and deserves every bit of the attention it receives from critics and collectors the world over the Freddy Emile represents mind blowing value when one takes in to account the stunning quality, track record and ageability. The 2010 is especially important as the vintage is already regarded as one of the greatest in the domaines recent history.

The reasonably new, in the context of Trimbach’s long history, addition to the line up is the Cuvee M which is entirely sourced from the Grand Cru Mandelberg. This climat is warm and sun drenched, the resulting wine is one that has all the regional exoticism but ramped up a degree or two along with the richness and texture but is kept in check with a bracing core of acidity. It provides a more immediately pleasurable example of what Trimbach can achieve.

In summary this estate remains one of the worlds greatest producers of dry, aromatic whites (their sweet wines can also be sublime), a reference point for quality in Alsace and must have for any serious wine collector and every Riesling enthusiast out there. While Alsace may have lost a little ground on store shelves and restaurant lists in recent years to their more vocal German cousins the wines haven’t changed, that’s a wonderful thing because they’re sublime.

Sadly we have only five dozen each of the first two wines and a dozen Clost St Hune available so please get in quickly if you are interested.

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