Eva Fricke 2018 Release

Riesling Heroine
These are the most exciting new wines and the most exciting wine producer of the year. Sometimes the award winners were wonderful surprises for me, but often I saw them coming and followed their rise to the point where it became necessary and inevitable that they should be singled out for special praise….
The reason this happened is also the reason that she must receive this award this year: the originality, brilliance and purity of aroma and flavors of her Rieslings. They are amongst the finest in the Rheingau region, and that’s saying something when you think that it is the most famous wine region of Germany and the most renowned Riesling wine region in the world…. They are on a par with the best Riesling GGs in the region STUART PIGOTT

She has made wine all over the world including in Bordeaux, Piemonte, South Africa, Australia and at Pingus in Ribera del Duero. These are fine wines by any measure. JANCIS ROBINSON MW

Eva Fricke may not have generations of winemakers or grape-growers in her family tree – she grew up in Bremen as a child of two doctors – but she has wasted little time in establishing her reputation for making excellent German Riesling. JULIA HARDING MW

I was impressed by Eva’s 2017s, but the more generous 2018s come very close, though they are different in character. In both vintages, Eva Fricke has proven that she is one of the region’s outstanding wine producers. STEPHAN REINHARDT, Wine Advocate

For a good few Rieslings fans out there the Eva’s story will already be well known but for many of you this may be a new name to add to the list of great producers in Germany.

During her time making wine at Leitz (one of my favourite estates in the area) Eva began looking in to acquiring some vineyards herself which led her to the Rheingau’s Lorcher area. A section of the region which had been badly mismanaged for a long time, the vineyards considered to be too difficult and problematic to be worth the time and investment needed. I like her comments on Vinous Media recently “I saw these soils, these old vines, and these exposures and I thought, ‘That’s just got to turn out well.’“

It is on these slopes that she established herself and her reputation. Initially a number of her colleagues in the region apparently warned her against the idea believing it a waste of her time, today she has been more than vindicated with a number of the regions superstars now buying up property around her for their own ventures. She quips in an interview with David Schildknect on Vinous Media “those very same colleagues are trying to buy land there!” it must be a nice feeling having your success recognised this way, after all imitation is the highest form of flattery.

As to the wines, Eva is consistently producing gorgeous Rieslings these days but her 18s have pipped the last couple of releases for me. I don’t know if it’s the vintage. Maybe it’s all the work she has put in to converting her vineyards to organics. Maybe it is her growing understanding of the sites she works with. Most likely it’s a combination of all of these factors and the results are super. Across the range they marry sizzling fruit intensity with this really lovely, slatey, salty element and this fantastic tactile stoney feel. Even her Rheingau Troken shows unusual sophistication for a wine of its level. The others are, as a group, captivating. The recent tasting of them here had the entire crew scrambling to ask how much of each we could get, that is always a good sign.

It is great to see that the press is also catching on to this hugely talented woman’s wines and they are getting the attention they deserve and the dazzling reviews wines of this calibre should. Her star is rapidly on the rise as she quickly cements her position as one of the regions leading lights. I think the fact that Stuart Pigott, who one could argue is the best Riesling critic on the planet, named her is Riesling Heroine is pretty telling. I have a small excerpt from the article above but if you would like to read the entire thing please let me know and I will send you a link, it’s an interesting read if you are a Riesling nut.

There isn’t much of these to go around, a few cases of things and a little more of the entry level, and I highly recommend grabbing some for yourself to see what all the fuss is about.

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