Felisna Offer 2017

This is a phenomenal set of wines that confirms Fèlsina’s standing as one of the great estates in the world. It’s as simple as that. The 2014 Chianti Classico is a huge overachiever as it has quite a bit of fruit that normally goes into the top selections – Fontalloro, Rancia and Colonia. Now in bottle, the 2013s capture all the potential I sensed when I tasted the wines last year. ANTONIO GALLONI

Fèlsina earns some of my top scores, especially with regards to the high-end wines. MONICA LARNER, The Wine Advocate

For me Felsina has long been the yard stick by which I measure all other Chianti, that is not to say it is always the best (though often enough it is or comes close to being) just that it’s reliably excellent and always true to their style. This is very much the case here with their 2014 being one of the two top Classico I have so far tried from the vintage. Along with a small group of other super star producers Felsina has opted to produce only the one Chianti in 2014 and so have combined all their best parcels, normally allocated to their riserva wines, in to the regular Classico and the results are fantastic.

As Galloni wrote (in his review below) this “is a wine to buy by the case”. With that in mind we have created a very special price for six packs, I mean who are we to ignore such sage advice? We agree with our learned friend wholeheartedly, the 2014 is a wine to buy up big and drink now or over the next ten years or so.

As for the 2013s, they are as predictably sensational as one would expect from Felsina in a vintage like 2013. We tasted all three last week and I have to say the Rancia is perhaps the best young example of this wine I have tasted to date. Both the big guns are meant to be cellared though, the perfect foil for the totally delicious 14 Classico, something to put to sleep in a cool cellar while you drink all the Chianti.