Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva Rancia 2015

Felsina have made perhaps their best CC in over a decade. Coming off the high perch they occupy in terms of quality and standing in the region, that is really saying that the 2015s coming off this celebrated property are very likely some of the best wines ever made here.

Ever since that release, people have been asking me: where's the Rancia? Well, finally I can say it's here albeit initially in very limited numbers before the eventual larger allocation arrives in November.

As you know, Rancia is a pretty special wine and to me it is the wine of the estate. It comes off a 9 hectare vineyard watched over by an abandoned monastery called Rancia. The vineyard is about 410 metres above sea level and all new vines are replaced by massale selection. The wine spends some time in small French oak, of which approximately 50% is new. Whilst I love Fontalorro (the estate's notional super Tuscan) the Rancia seems to concentrate and distil the flavour and terroir profile of the estate itself. On top of that it speaks so much of the sangiovese variety marrying its tell-tale rusticity and wildness within a pure and classy texture...a bit of the noble savage if you like!
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