Festa del Barolo SYDNEY 2019

What’s not to love about Piemonte. The breathtaking scenery, the incredible food, friendly people and most importantly the home of the greatest wines in Italy. What’s more we are living in the greatest epoch in this region’s storied history. At no time before have the wines delivered so much pleasure, value and excitement.

Of course in the hierarchy of Piemonte there’s little doubt that the undisputed heavyweight champion is Barolo and to a lesser degree Barbaresco. But, there’s more in them there hills than the double-B communes! As these stars of the region have risen so too have the prices and the scarcity, which in turn has meant that so-called lesser varieties and sub-zones have improved their game in order to catch the priced-out and adventurous consumer. I speak of indigenous varieties like Dolcetto, Barbera, Freisa, Timorasso and more. Moreover, the emergence of quality categories Langhe Rosso, Nebbiolo d’Alba – often from established star producers – has meant that those consumers coming to the “party” for the first time can experience the flavour, aromatic and structural profiles without breaking the credit card.

This offer showcases a handful of Baroli and Barbaresci but more than anything it brings to centre stage the “peripheral players” of sub-zone, category and variety that are creating so much excitement for the consumer. In doing this we have assembled some of the greatest names in the world of Piemonte wine. GD Vajra, Veglio, Alessandria, E. Pira Chiara Boschis, A&G Fantino, Benevelli, Trediberri, Rizzi, Matteo Correggia, Bruno Rocca, Luciano Sandrone, Massolino, Cascina Morassino, and Barale are just some of the names represented. It is a dream team of producers with something for everyone in terms of budget and flavour profile.

We love the wines of Piemonte and we have sharpened the prices for this annual celebration with 20 – 25% off selected half-dozens and dozens, and two very special Mixed Dozens – One featuring a special selection of a dozen of the traditional luncheon wines of Piemonte (plus a bottle of Cru Barolo!!) and a beautiful mixed half-dozen of Cru Barolo and Barbaresco both with a 25% discount.


We hope you enjoy.

Michael McNamara