Fighting Gully Road Chardonnay 2018

From Beechworth and an excellent viti-vini team. These are wines to firmly keep a handle on (and buy and drink!). MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front

The wines of Fighting Gully Road have always been good but in recent times they’ve taken significant steps forward by my reckoning. CAMPBELL MATTINSON

I know we have beaten this drum very hard and often over recent years but there is a good reason for it. While most of our customers are well and truly familiar with the wines from A Rodda I think sometimes Mark’s wines get overlooked in, the deserved, hype around Adrian’s offerings. So, to reiterate this the wines are made in the same place. The fruit is sourced from Smiths Vineyard and the FGR site. Adrian, for all intents and purposes, makes the wines while Mark looks after their vineyards. They are the Dynamic Duo of Beechworth and one of the great wine teams in Vic, one of the best young winemakers and one of the greatest viticulturalists in Oz today.

There are some subtle differences in things. Mark uses different barrels for his Chardonnay for example. Some other minor tweaks here or there result in wines that are both distinctly different but of equal quality and both sing of their sites, which are easily among the best in the region.

This year Mark’s Chardonnay is absolutely belting which you would expect from the vintage and the producer but it is better than just excellent quality Beechworth Chard, it is sensational!

I don’t think there is any press as yet, the wine having just been released, but I expect this to be very well received once it starts getting out there. All of us at PWS HQ tasted the wine together and we cant recommend it highly enough. Buy cases of the stuff and drink it with reckless abandon because not only is it delicious it is unbelievably cheap for what it delivers in the bottle.