Fontaleoni 2018 Double Offer

Fontaleoni is one of the elite producers in this zone. INTERNATIONAL WINE CELLAR

These new releases from Fontaleoni deliver superb quality and value. Readers looking for delicious, everyday Vernaccia and Chianti will be delighted. ANTONIO GALLONI, Vinous 2019

There are a lot of great domaines out there, loads of producers making super wines, who charge accordingly and ensure everyone knows about it too. I think it is somewhat easier to make consistently great wine when you have the budget to allow for it. What I admire about the brother and sister team at Fontaleoni is that they get about their business of making sensational wines to be consumed at the table and with friends and they do it with an honest and humble air.

Matteo and Simona Troiani tend their, gorgeous, vineyards on the green, verdant slopes of around Tuscany’s “Medieval Manhattan”, San Gimignano in the Sienna region, interestingly the first area to be given DOC status in Italy, as it was widely thought of as the premium table wine producing region in Italy at the time.

Everything at the estate is tended to carefully and by hand. The vineyards are pristine and the tiny winery where the wines are made is nestled under the house. The overall sense you get when visiting the place is one of serene tranquillity and the quiet determination of the siblings to show that the wines of their home can achieve great things if given the attention they deserve.

Much of the area today is home to larger producers who vie to supply the huge demand for these wines on the local and international table so a small, quality focused estate like this is rare and refreshing to find in the sea of wine producers.

Their 2018 Chianti Colli Senesi landed recently and we think it is one of the best value wines we tried last year. Michael and I visited the estate in April 2019 and absolutely loved it there and have, if anything, grown more fond of the wine since it arrived. It is Chianti for the table. A wine that should be consumed with reckless abandon around friends or shared over a plate of food at lunch or dinner.

Brimming with classic Sangiovese character it’s all straight forward, sumptuous and pliant enjoyability. I cracked a bottle with my partner over dinner, who is not in the wine game, and even she looked up from her glass and said something like “it smells like fennel seeds and cherries” a very proud moment there for me. As Antonio Galloni mentions in his review the 2018 “far outperforms its very modest price tag” a statement I couldn’t agree with more.

Their Vernaccia, a regular here at PWS HQ, is the best release of this wine we have seen so far. It has all its usual pomme fruit characters and that slightly waxy texture but there is a dollop more refreshing acidity this year which really livens up the whole package and makes it so suitable for the table, or a sunny day somewhere nice.

It’s a very convincing double act from the Troiani siblings. I think at $25 a bottle they are both cracking value, at $20 a bottle they are unbeatable and wines that good at that price should be celebrated, preferably with a glass of wine.