Foradori Teroldego 2016 Offer

Elisabetta Foradori has an amazing charisma, one that sets people at ease instantly and has them wanting to spend time with her. Her story deserves this kind of quiet attention too. She was 11 when her father passed away with only her mother to look after the estate and family. So by the time Elisabetta was 20, the fresh face oenology graduate was in charge of the family winery without a roadmap to success in front of her (or of any kind really). In a larger region which was dominated by a bulk wine mentality, Elisabetta sought out quality and latched onto reviving a local indigenous variety Teroldego. A variety that wasn’t really considered 'noble' until she came to prove the critics wrong.

15 years later (around 1999) she would find herself an icon of Italian wines with her Granato bottling consistently receiving the Gambero Rosso’s coveted Tre Biccihieri (the top three glass rating). Not wanting to stop evolving, she began to covert the entire estate to biodynamic farming and adopting a more observation based winemaking style, with an aversion to any chemical remedies. Today her hand is ever-present, however her sons are now in charge of the day to day, pushing, evolving and driving this great winery forward with a roadmap of innovation laid down by their pioneering mother.

I am a big fan of Foradori’s ‘entry’ Teroldego. In fact I was importing these wines into Australia in the early to late 2000’s and got to watch closely the evolution and impact their conversion to biodynamics and lo-fi winemaking had on the wines. They became more focused, raised the bar in the drinkability stakes without losing any gravitas. This is always great drinking.
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