Francesco Rinaldi 2015 New Arrivals

My visit to Francesco Rinaldi this year was one of the highlights (if not the highlight) of my annual sweep around the Langhe hills. They have made superb 2015s which beautifully splice the generosity of the vintage with enlivening structure and savoury nuance of their traditional styling. Sisters, Paola and Piera Rinaldi, insist nothing much has changed in production – and to some extent that’s true – wines are still made in an avowedly traditional style but more recent investment in the cellars with new large botti and a few others incremental tweaks have parted the curtain on more specific vineyard derived characteristics and quite simply made the wines exponentially more enjoyable. Today, they are one of my favourite traditional producers.

Of course they have remarkable holdings to underpin their wines. The majority of the estate is within metres of their cellars – Brunate which straddles the borders of La Morra and Barolo can be seen from the window and Cannubi is literally under your feet when your standing in the tasting room. To be more precise their Cannubi comes mostly from the fabled Cannubi Boschis (a sub-section of the wider Cannubi construct) as well as a small piece close to the village of Barolo.

Outside these two famous crus they also own plots within the only slightly less revered vineyards of Rocche del Annunziata (La Morra), Sarmassa (Barolo) and La Cordana (Castiglione Falletto) and these are blended to make their brilliant Barolo DOCG bottling.

I do my best to wait for the third party reviews from Antonio Galloni. He always seems to release a Barolo Part 2 set of reviews about now which feature Rinaldi, but this year I can’t wait any longer. I dare say that tomorrow he will release rave reviews for the wines as he did for the 2014s. They will certainly be glowing as the wines are excellent. In the meantime you’ll have to make do with my own reviews and my assurance that these are great traditional Barolo.