Gallicia - Mencia & more

Galicia has undergone a vinous revolution in the past decade. For those who have followed the (Re)evolution of Spanish wine over the last three decades this is a familiar story; peasants abandoning the land for the industrial cities in the middle 20th century, vineyards left in disrepair or abandoned and what little wine produced sold in bulk. Galicia’s isolation and inhospitable terrain has resulted in a slow recovery of the indigenous grape varieties. SEBASTIAN

Ribeira Sacra only obtained D. O status in 1996, and is the only Galician region specialising in red wines. Here Mencia is king! The rediscovery of old, low-yielding hillside plots of Mencía has produced wines concentration and complexity have emerged from these forgotten vineyards on deep schist soils.

Monterrei is the southernmost zone of Galicia and obtained D. O status in 1994 and is the driest region of Galicia, sharing some climatic characters with the central plains of Spain. Monterrei produces mainly white wines from local varieties; Dona Blanca Treixadura, Verdello, Caino Blanco and Godello. The small productions of red wine comes from Tempranillo, Mencia and Bastardo.

Valdeorras obtained D. O status in 1977 and is the eastern most zone of Galicia and like Ribeira Sacra is planted along steeply terraced vineyards of limestone, clay, slate, and protected from the Atlantic by mountainous surrounds. The indigenous Godello variety has been replanted to produce powerful white wines. Younger producers have re-planted the regions red vineyards with Mencia, and like Ribeira Sacra are gaining international recognition through young ambitious producers.

Galicia is one of the hottest and most interesting regions we have encountered in some time. These are exciting wines and we hope you enjoy! The team at Prince Wine Store