Garagiste Le Stagiaire Pinot Noir 2018 Offer

All the wines are exceptional. JAMES HALLIDAY, The Australian

the consistency in quality terms is remarkable. We have a top-notch producer on our hands here. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front

The Mornington Peninsula had a vintage set to show special quality and quantity – the best for the past 30 years, comparable to 2004…. the result was fruit of great purity and quality. JAMES HALLIDAY’S WINE COMPANION

Some winemakers make things look easy. Every year they release something that sits in the top tier of wines in their regions and respective contexts and they seem to do it with a minimum of fuss. I don’t know but I do wonder if some of Barney Flanders colleagues get a little green with envy at the seeming ease with which he applies his craft and his incredibly enviable track record of producing wines that are both fantastic expressions but also remarkable value. No one would ever say it to him, Barney being one of the nicest blokes in the wine trade, but I wonder if a few people find it a little frustrating.

Anyway, the point to all that was that the new Garagiste le Stagiaire Pinot is released and it is blindingly good and $25 a bottle in a straight dozen. Sensationally good Mornington Pinot produced by one of the region’s most gifted people and from an outstanding vintage, it ticks every box. Along with a few other names Mr Flanders would have to be a very serious contender for producing the best value Pinot in Oz (his top wines are exemplary as well). The 2018 is a sleek package with everything in the right place. Guaranteed to put a smile on even the most serious Pinot fan.