GD Vajra New Arrivals

It's hard to believe that the Vajra family keep raising the bar. The 2014s are strong across the board epsecially within the context of the vintage but the flagship Bricco delle Viole is a truly special, moving wine. ANTONIO GALLONI

The Vajra family has quietly amassed a serious collection of vineyards that make them one of Piedmont's larger, family-owned estates, something they have accomplished while maintaining the already high level of their entry-level wines. Every wine in the range is absolutely delicious and full of personality. I can't recommend these new releases highly enough. ANTONIO GALLONI

It's a pleasure to offer the wines of GD Vajra each year. This family-run estate is a serious over-performer and from the most humble wine in the range through to the benchmark Barolos, Bricco delle Viole and Ravera, these are wines that can bat at every level in the hierarchy and deliver best-in-show quality in every category. I have always loved the wines for their coupling of approachability and serious depth and complexity. A few hours at the cantina explains much of the seed of this success. This is a tight knit family unit from the founding father, Aldo, to his remarkably talented and generous children. Each one of them seems to be driven by the same self-effacing dedication to continuing and enhancing what the family has built over the years. Undelining this is son and current winemaker, Giuessepe whose wines continue to improve and impress...if that were even possible given the high base they come off.

Stylistically, the Barolos fall within what I would call modern classic. They are essentially traditional in as much as maceration times can be quite long depending on the wine and maturation always takes place in varying volume Slavonian oak but alcoholic and secondary fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel. They've cleverly taken what they need from the modern methodolgies and carefully spliced them with a need to preserve as much aromatic and textural authenticity of the variety and vineyard origin and they are as successful in dong so as any producer in the Langhe.