Gerard Boulay Sancerre 2017 Offer

To my palate, Gérard Boulay is undoubtedly on the top tier of producers in Chavignol. His wines have a vibrant purity, evident ripeness, feel devoid of any raw varietal character and reflect the soils from which they are born. Indeed, in terms of purity and daringly racy, I do wonder whether he shouldn’t be placed at the very top of the tier. I certainly find his wines sufficiently exciting, breath-taking in their assured poise, to suggest this might be the case. CHRIS KISSACK,

Given the crystalline purity of his sauvignon blancs, he has become one of my favorite producers of the central Loire. If you want to know what true Sancerre tastes like, try one of his single-vineyard bottlings. It does not come any better! Further, even the entry-level wine that he calls Tradition, which represents half of his total production, offers excellent value for money. JOEL B PAYNE, Vinous

If there is one wine from this Loire report that I would love to take onto a desert island, it would be the… Sancerre Clos de Beaujeu—but also the others! I don’t know of any other Sancerres that have so much soul and energy, so much tension and expression. Even the yellow labelled entry level is fascinating. STEPHAN REINHARDT, The Wine Advocate

Gerard Boulay dances to the beat of a different drum than many of his neighbours in the sleepy little town of Chavignol. The keys to his success are multifaceted but perhaps the most important factor is the vineyards he works which represent some of the most important terroirs in the Loire Valley. Steep slopes, calcaire soils, meticulously tended old vines with very low yields, you know the recipe. But like anyone who has reached the very pinnacle of their style, and make no mistake he is at the very top of the tree, there is something extra here, an X factor to the wines. In vintages like 2017 he transcends his chosen variety, and even the region, to produce Sancerre so blindingly amazing that they are taken beyond the raw material and what is on display is a razor sharp expression of terroir and the talent of a master of his craft.

His 2017s are something to behold, they are riveting examples of Sancerre that demonstrate a palate staining minerality and mouth coating intensity that leaves the taste buds quivering and your mouth seems both enlivened and refreshed. They have real cut to the bold flavours and each has something unique on show. Even his entry level “tradition” is a terrific example but his single site wines are breathtaking.

I don’t drink Sauvingon Blanc but these are only barely recognisable as the variety and instead are vehicles with which the individual plots and the season are shown with wonderful clarity. Everyone at PWS HQ who tasted them were shocked at the quality of his offerings.

These wines are never available in large quantities and we suggest you get in quickly if you are interested. If you haven’t tried these wines before you really should, they are quite rightly regarded as some of the great white wines of the world.