Giaconda Nantua Release 2019

There is a saying we use a lot around here when people are asking about certain wines “It’s all Producer, Producer, Producer” and it rings very true here with the Nantua releases from the iconic Giaconda estate in Beechworth. The three of them are gems and all demonstrate clearly the hand of a master craftsman at work.

A little note on each of the wines and I will try to avoid the hyperbole, but having tasted these wines both in barrel and now in bottle I can safely say it’s a cracking release from the Kinzbrunner boys.

I have been saying for a little while now that the 2018 Chardonnay at Giaconda will rival the very best ever released here and that positively shines through on the Nantua release. The wine is blindingly good.

As to the Shiraz, Michael commented that it was a little “Crozes like” and I definitely see where his head is at there. A lovely mid weight and beautifully harmonious style with all the bits in the right place to ensure that it will look terrific in a few years but the suave fruit it shows now means it is also completely delicious right now.

Nebbiolo is a bit of a love affair for the great man and I don’t know of many producers in Oz who have such a feel for the variety as Rick does. The 2016 is a lovely blend of varietal characters and a distinct Australian fingerprint where the tar and menthol you may see in the Langhe comes across as more campfire and eucalypt. Definitely something to grab if you are a Nebb nut and lovely to see the wine showing its origins to beautifully.

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