Gianfranco Alessandria 2015 Offer

On Vintage 2015
The full capability of the nebbiolo grape’s expressive nature is alive in Barolo 2015 and it is a vintage to really celebrate. In general, the wines are exuberantly fragrant and show fresh clear fruit on the nose with abundant aromatic complexity. Structurally they are rich in ripe, fine and powerful tannins. They are toned, muscular and athletic, coupled with freshness, a keen sense of focus, great length, and an astute balance.

These wines also have the great fortune of offering instant appeal as well as more in-depth attraction, which is the hallmark of a truly great vintage. These wines will satisfy both the experienced palate and educated connoisseur. They are also very expressive and show strong typicity by communes and also single vineyards. But if there was one attribute to single out, it is the way in which these wines combine power with elegance. They are thrilling to taste. JAMES SUCKLING

On Gianfranco Alessandria
Gianfranco Alessandria is one of the most consistent growers in Barolo. His wines are reliably outstanding, drink well young and also age beautifully. ANTONIO GALLONI

Alessandria is one of many Piedmont estates that is set to enter its second generation. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see where daughters Marta and Vittoria Alessandria take their family’s winery in the coming years. The new Barolo San enPiAsi provides some clues as to where things are headed. If that wine is any sign, the future looks very bright. ANTONIO GALLONI

Gianfranco Alessandria is one of my favorite producers in the Monforte d’Alba township. He runs this boutique estate with his wife Bruna and his young daughter Vittoria. They farm 5.5 hectares of vines (that they own) plus an additional 1.5 hectares that are rented. I remember meeting Vittoria as a teen as she worked expertly in the winery and did most of the heavy lifting. She is a great example of the newest generation of vintners to tame the beautiful Nebbiolo grape. MONICA LARNER

Every visit to Gianfranco Alessandria is a reminder of why I fell in love with Piemonte 20 years ago. The sense of hospitality and welcome are genuine and the feeling that you become a temporary member of the tight-knit Alessandria family for a short time is all-enveloping. Every member of the family works in the business and all exude a sense of excitement for what they do and indeed, what can be tweaked and changed in the future. Then there is the wine – perfectly balanced renderings of their Monforte commune that perennially over-deliver for the kind of money one used to pay for this quality a decade ago. In style, they lean toward the modern in the best sense with any oak elevage playing a supporting role while the commune/the ferrous soils are front and centre. In texture and structure too, the wines absorb the muscularity of the commune within the whole, carefully balancing the elements to produce seamless and expressive nebbiolo.

At the end of the day, the only limitation for Alessandria is the fact they don’t own plots in the greatest sites but, as Galloni has noted in the past, given what they do with the very good plots they do own, one can only imagine their reputation would radiate even further than just the good journalists and savvy collectors who line up for them now.

Today the estate is going through the process of generational change. Daughters Vittoria and Marta are gradually taking ownership of their respective parts of the estate. In fact, Vittoria has, for some time now, been the manager of business for want of a better descriptor, and Marta who has recently finished her winemaking studies has joined Gianfranco in the cellar. Already she has made her mark with her own wine, the San enPiAsi. A stylistic change up and a wine that has already attracted its fair share of attention in only its second release. We will have a small amount of this for sale in a couple of months and it’s well worth grabbing when you see it offered. I suspect it will become an important wine for the estate.

In terms of the two Baroli offered here, our tastings a couple of weeks ago at the estate confirm earlier out-of-tank impressions and are reflective of this excellent vintage. The 2015s are sensational with a slightly darker edge to the fruit, a trademark of the year, but a nice cooling current runs through them, keeping the wines fresh and enlivening. My rudimentary notes for the Barolo mention red-to-black fruits, liquorice and ferrous undertones. The palate is muscular with limpid fruit profile. Muscular and long.

The San Govanni starts with: an absolute banger. Shows more oak but fruit coverage makes it a frame rather than the whole picture. More power, more structure than basic Baroli. Will age.

As is often the case these are some of my favourite wines in any given year from the commune. Bravo team Alessandria.

They have just arrived and as is our tradition with them we are offering them to our Italian buyers first at a genuine ex-ship 20% discount.


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