Giant Steps LDR 2018 Offer

The focus on the high quality, single vineyard…. wines in what is demonstrably a very distinguished portfolio. JAMES HALLIDAY

Steve Flamsteed is one of the most accomplished winemakers in this country. In recent times he has garnered about every award possible including Winemaker of the Year and a tally of trophies and golds that to be honest is too hard to keep up with these days. From his HQ at Giant Steps in Healesville he steadily releases wines of uncompromising style and quality. His single vineyard Chards and Pinots rate regularly among the best in OZ. His Syrah keeps getting gongs for its perfumed, seductive, cool climate grace. In short the man has the midas touch.

So with that all said the wine to jump on for me, one that I reach for when I want something that’s all about pure pleasure, is the Light Dry Red (LDR) which is a blend of Pinot and Syrah. While this may seem an unusual combination to people some of the most lauded wines ever in this country were made with these two varieties. These days there is an ever growing number of great wineries starting to produce the style on the back of the success of wines like this.

The key is to forget the varieties here, the wine is not about that. What the LDR offers is all in the name, fragrant red fruited and inflected with spice. It has a plump, giving and generous feel to the fruit with a touch more of the white pepper showing through this year. This is eminently drinkable to the point that you kind of overlook just how good it is because you are busy knocking it down. Simply put this is gorgeous.

When talking about this wine today someone in the office blurted out “he’s the best winemaker in the country” you could certainly make a pretty strong case for that title.

I have included a few reviews below as I think they all sum up our feeling about the wine pretty well. We are offering it at more than 20% off in straight dozens to entice people to buy up. It’s the kind of wine you can open on any and every occasion and it will suit everything.

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