Great Drinking Bordeaux 2019

Forget about the top 20-30 wines. They are mostly terrific, and they will almost always be good, if not quite a bit better than that. But very few consumers can afford those wines anymore. Most importantly, those wines are not the real Bordeaux. The real Bordeaux is a region that produces a truly remarkable, seemingly endless number of fabulous wines that the consumer can still afford. Whatever your budget – under $25, under $50, under $100 – no region in the world comes close to matching Bordeaux for pedigreed red wines that are also relatively easy to find. ANTONIO GALLONI

As the 2018 En Primeur Bordeaux campaign begins in earnest we thought it was a good time to re-visit the quite frankly brilliant value and quality available from the region. The past 20+ years have seen an enormous up-swing in vineyard husbandry and cellar management to a point where the Bordelaise can now not only boast some the world's most revered wines (at stratospheric prices) but also some of the world's best value drinking. The last decade has proved this in spades with vintages like 2010, 2014 and most particularly 2015 yielding wines at all levels of hierarchy producing wines of stunning driankability and value.

That's why we thought - on the cusp of the most recent En Primeur campaign (2018) we should revisit the some of the wines that epitomise the aforementioned thinking and that are in bottle and on the shop floor right now. This offer brings together a baker's dozen from across mostly the 2015 vintage - but also some 2010 and 2014s -that defy stereotypes and will reignite your interest in the wines of the world's most celebrated wine region.

In Australia whilst we have a strong history of buying and cellaring the great wines of Bordeaux but in more recent times the region has suffered from the perception of being the exclusive "parish" of old white men. These new generation wines deserve another look and as the weather cools this is the time for a great bottle of claret.

All of the wine offered have been selected and imported directly by Prince Wine Store. As young wines these looked great but a few additional years in the bottle has made them now even better. ALEX WILCOX