Great Margaret River Chardonnay Essendon

Margaret River (my home town I might add and the best place in Australia!) was founded as a wine region after Dr John Gladstones began his research to locate a region in WA that was ideally suited to the production of premium wine grapes. After years of accumulating data and travelling to various areas he finally settled on Margs as the perfect area. The area has come a long way since the first few acres were planted in the 70s and the pioneers began to produce wines that quickly gained national and international regard.

Today there seems to be an ever increasing number of estates producing top flight Cabernet and even more making world class Chards. The style of the region tends towards powerful, full bodied, intense and muscular styles but there has been a bit of a renaissance here in terms of winemaking with winemakers toning down a bit of the treatment the wines used to get. The results can be exceptional, a wonderful amalgam of the inherent power of the region and the more sophisticated and lighter touch of winemakers now more attuned to what will coax the best out of their vineyards and fruit. Today Margaret river is in a golden era in terms of their Chardonnay and are competing with the best in the world. Like I briefly mentioned I was born down that way and may be a little prone to a degree of favouritism, but luckily I am not alone in singing the praises of Margs and the wines speak for themselves.