Greek Wine Fair - Sydney 2019

Santorini assyrtiko is one of the most terroir-driven wines I’ve ever tasted. It actually smells of the volcanic ash, or pumice, that is what passes for soil on Santorini, an island blown apart by one of the world’s most violent volcanoes. It doesn’t sound very appetising, but it is dry, crisp and a great fish accompaniment. HUON HOOKE

Join us on Saturday April 6th as we take you on a vinous journey around Greece. A country that has a history with the grape-vine dating back more than than 6000 years. It was the centre of the wine world in 500 BC subsequently passing the mantle, knowledge and sophisticated wine culture to the Romans. In 145 CE Ottoman rule would change their course for thousands of years. Fortunately grape-growing and wine consumption wasn’t eradicated during this time, it was just diminished by oppressive taxes. The wine industry wouldn’t begin to rebuild properly and gain momentum until after the second world war. In fact, the most exciting part of Greece’s wine history is now, as young, dynamic producers work tirelessly to master the wealth of native varieties available to them. Greece has between 200 & 300 of them, with only around 80 that have been bottled and sold commercially. Many of these are in tiny quantities, often only one or two producers making them.

The most readily available wines in Australia are made from Assyrtiko, Xinomavro & Agiorgitiko. We will have a benchmark selection of these and more. Think Malagousia, Moschofileiro, Limniona and friends.

And surely, we couldn’t host a Greek wine fair without tasty Greek inspired snacks.