Hatzidakis Offer 2019

Santorini’s most characteristic wine, the wonderfully nervy, long-lived white made from the local Assyrtiko grape, has done far more than its fair share to put modern Greek wine on the map. JANCIS ROBINSON
[Santorini] is, for me, the most pronounced vin de terroir in the world. In no other wine can you smell and taste with such clarity the mineral soup and bright sunlight which, gene-guided, structures the grape and its juice. As an unmasked terroiriste, there was no vineyard I was keener to visit… ANDREW JEFFORD

The bottles that had the luck to be caressed by Haridimos himself deserve to be sold at auction houses around the world at record-breaking prices. KONSTANTINOS LAZARAKIS MW

Haridimos Hatzidakis studied oenology in Athens before taking on the Head Winemaker in the early half of the 1990’s at Boutaris’ Santorini operation. Boutari changed the course of the Santorini wine industry in 1987 when they bought stainless steel tanks to the island and began experimenting with a leaner, cleaner and more precise style of Assyrtiko.

Whilst Haridimos was at the coalface of this rapid change in the islands winemaking history, he also championed the ancient vines he worked with. During this period and for a long time after Haridimos was the only winemaker living on the island full time. He knew it intimately and could spot a great vineyard a mile away. In 1996 he set up his own winery where he blurred the lines between “modern” and “traditional” santorini with aplomb.

His entry level Santorini was always pristine, delicate and certainly within the archetype of the modern Santorini. It was in his more premium cuvee’s that he would harvest a bit later, leave the juice on skins a little bit longer and handle the wine more oxidatively. Quite often a year just after bottling, these wines can seem brutish and unwieldy. But give them a few years to settle down and they truely come into their own.

The Cuvée No 15 is a blend of three vineyards in the villages of Pyrgos, Emporio and Messaria-Vothonas. The Assyrtiko de Mylos is from a single vineyard in Pyrgos Kallistis which he leased off the local Monastery. Both wines are unoaked and remained with their skins for 12 hours before juice was separated and fermented with indigenous yeasts. After eight months in tank on fine lees they were bottled unfiltered.

We have limited quantities of the 2014 & 2015 Cuvée No 15 as well as some 2015 Assyrtiko de Mylos available. There will be no more Mylos under the Hatzidakis label as the monastery has recently sold the vineyard to someone else. These are some of the last wines that Haridmos produced before his untimely passing in 2017. His children have picked up the mantle and continue his legacy.