Heathcote Mini Expo 2017

The magic of Heathcote lies in the remarkable strip of soil starting 20 Kilometers southeast of the town of Heathcote, continuing until just south of the town, then immediately turning north and running along the Mount Ida Range, and thereafter the Mount Carmel Range, for a distance of over 60 Kilometers. Viewed from the air, the red soil country is a spectacular scene: square or oblong patterns of vivid red alternate with verdant green rows of vines. The prized soil is decomposed Cambrian-era igneous intrusion rock known as Greenstone, created 500 million years ago and forming the once higher spine of the Mount Carmel Range. Progressive weathering caused the spine to move down the side of the range, covering sedimentary layers which now form the subsoil. It has the all-important combination of being well drained while keeping good moisture retention capacity. JAMES HALLIDAY

There is no doubt that Heathcote with its ancient Cambrian soils and unique topography has cemented itself firmly as one of Australia’s premier Shiraz producing regions. Power and elegance, a unique sense of place and a sense of refinement are familiar terms from this decidedly individual region.

While Shiraz may be king, Italian varietals are also finding homes in the warm Mediterranean climate and are producing some of the most exciting wines of the region. Plantings of Fiano, Sangiovese and Nebbiolo are producing some very impressive results and delicious drops.

Join us for a of day of classics from stalwart producers Heathcote Estate and Jasper Hill along with Adam Foster (Syrahmi + Foster e Rocco), Journey Wines and Vinea Marson. Showcasing the best of Heathcote Shiraz along with a set of outstanding new wave wines.