Heritiers Comtes Lafon Macon-Milly Lamartine 2016

Dominique Lafon began his Mâconnais adventure in 1999 with seven hectares of vines; he now owns or controls nearly 25. “We don’t make Mâconnais wines to age a long time; we like them young and fruity.” Lafon himself is fond of saying that “We don’t make little Meursaults here; we do great Mâconnais wines." STEPHEN TANZER, Vinous

Producer of some of the world’s best white wines. STEPHEN BROOK, Decanter

We've just been notified of the release of Dominique Lafon's Mâcon-Milly-Lamartine 2016, so we're offering out this little (insert French accent) pièce de résistance for a limited time only or until sold out.

Dominique Lafon is undoubtedly one of Burgundy's top producers and often described as the world's best producer of Chardonnay. Most notably renowned for the iconic Domaine des Comtes Lafon estate in Meursault, he was the first winemaker from the Cote d'Or to lay a solid bet and take a risk on the small, lesser-known and overlooked region of Mâconnais, purchasing a few higher-altitude, old-vine parcels in 1999 and giving rise to Les Héritiers du Comtes Lafon. The region was previously overlooked due to the lack of single-site, quality wineries in the area, but from the moment Dominique planted his boots on the soils, he converted all the vineyards to biodynamic farming (sticking true to the Lafon ways) and the region began to slowly be seen for its full potential - crafting world-class Chardonnay in a region where 20 years ago no one would have believed it were possible.

Dominique only uses larger, neutral wood to preserve fruit and minerality of the wine, letting the wines speak for themselves and fine-tuning them according to each vintage. In 2006, Caroline Don came on board as chief winemaker, bringing along with her a great foresight and imprinting a solid footprint on the land. The Mâconnais has always had a voice, but the two have done a superb job of helping it to sing louder. Now with a stronger, clearer and more definitive voice and a very bright future ahead - this was indeed a risk that paid off!

These wines as Stephen Tanzer mentioned above aren't meant to be cellared for decades. These are drinking beautifully now, and I take my hat off to those that can make cracking good wine that's there to appreciate right now. In saying that, I also think this wine would look great in another 3-5 years.

We're offering a 15% discount off the Mâcon-Milly-Lamartine and 20% off for six or more. Enjoy!