Hoddles Creek Estate New Releases 2019

one of Australia’s best pinot noir producers. CAMBELL MATTINSON

Hoddles Creek probably about the best $20 you can spend on Australian Pinot Noir. It’s almost ludicrous. GARY WALSH

Hoddles Creek Estate chardonnay never misses a beat. CAMBELL MATTINSON

Australia’s best value Pinot and Chardonnay producer? We certainly think so here and it’s not a new thing, we have been banging on that drum for a some years now. But the value prospect is only a part of the story, Franco d’Anna also makes some of the finest examples of these varieties in Australia, year in and year out his wines stand tall against all comers. You factor that in and the prices of his wines are, as Gary Walsh aptly puts it “almost ludicrous”. Not that we would ever tell him that and I hope the rest of you are keeping it quiet as well, heaven forbid that man starts charging what these wines are actually worth in the broader context of great Australian wines.

So, as with every year we are very excited to be offering the dynamic duo of the Hoddles Creek Estate wines. You honestly can’t get better at this price.