Huet 2017 Offer

2017 has ended up being an exceptionally good vintage in terms of quality. Across the length of the Loire, we have been blessed with quality wines exhibiting ripeness, concentration, depth, complexity and wonderful freshness.

The biodynamic Huet estate comprises three key terroirs with clearly identifiable personalities … it is justly regarded as the leading property in the Vouvray region. CLIVE COATES MW, The Great Wines of France

No matter what the vintage or the wine style (including sparkling), the quality [chez Domaine Huet] is always extraordinary and clearly reflects the excellence of their terroirs. The chiseled, contoured mouthfeel and precise minerality are unique in the Loire. La Revue du Vin de France

Under Noel Pinguet, who retired in 2012, this was considered, along with its neighbor Foreau, one of the two iconic estates in Vouvray. Sarah, like her father, is an American of Chinese descent. Sarah’s father bought into the estate over ten years ago following Gaston Huet’s death in 2002 at the age of 92, and has nursed it gently from strength to strength via investments. No one here has better vineyards. JOEL B. PAYNE, Vinous Media

The Domaine Huet in Vouvray is one of the few world class producers in the Loire Valley. Its reputation was built by 1910-born Gaston Huet and the Le Haut Lieu, a top single vineyard site that was bought by his parents in 1928 with three hectares under vines, all Chenin Blanc. STEPHAN REINHARDT

2017 will be remembered throughout many of the major regions of France as one that brought devastating frosts but then, in general terms, ideal conditions to ripen what fruit remained. Overall the quality we have seen from the Loire so far has been super and the wines tend to have that mix of punch and energy along with a little more extract than usual. They remind me a little of their German cousins in that regard.

As to Huet, I don’t hide the reverence I hold this estate in well. Outside of Germany and Burgundy they are among my favourite white wine domaines anywhere. If you need convincing of the quality of the wines of Huet you need only find a bottle with some proper age on it and you won’t question their well-deserved reputation again. Huet’s bottlings manage to capture the sense of their vineyards with laser like clarity. In their youth they can be a little gangly, especially the dry wines, but you know that they are just a little youthfully enthusiastic and unsure of themselves. Those who have followed the wines over a period and seen them in their maturity know that this is a phase that passes after a handful of years and the wines tend to then settle in to an even and long evolution where they simply build in complexity and depth, rarely shutting down or becoming mute in the bottle. At their peak maturity they can, rather paradoxically, seem the essence of youthfulness again but instead of a gangly teen they are more like a catwalk model, stop you in your tracks gorgeous.

As is nearly always the case the wines have arrived before the press is released but the wines of Huet are certainly a safe bet, they simply don’t miss a beat and with a vintage like 17 it should be a no brainer.