Hurley New Releases - Spectacular 2016s

Its never as easy as it seems. Despite leading busy city lives, Kevin Bell and wife Tricia Byrnes have done most of the hard work in establishing Hurley Vineyard themselves,with family and friends. Most conspicuously, Kevin has completed the Applied Science (Wine Science) degree at CSU, drawing on Nat White for consultancy advice, and occasionally from Phillip Jones of Bass Phillip and Domaine Fourrier in Gevrey Chambertin. JAMES HALLIDAY

Hurley Vineyard was established in 1998 in Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula by Husband and Wife, Tricia Byrne and Kevin Bell AM. The property is on stony, red-brown earth (older volcanic) which is quick to warm and slow to cool, and retains moisture and drains freely.

Tricia and Kevin planted 8.5 acres of Pinot Noir on the property on three individual plots. These individual vineyards are driven by terroir and Kevin’s winemaking philosophy is very much in a Burgundian way. All the grapes are hand-picked, destemmed and spends 18 months in French oak (1/3 new). The wines are vinified the same way to further showcase the aspect of terroir and although there are differences, there’s most definitely a common thread and familiarity in them.

Hurley Vineyard wraps north to east around the crest of a little volcanic hill in Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula. It comprises three distinct climats reflecting aspect:


this is the north-facing vineyard of 3 acres that was planted in 1999. It puts its whole face to the warmest sun. It contains the Burgundian clones 114, 115 and 777, as well as MV6 (see below). Lodestone is magnetite, an iron mineral abundant in our vineyards, and also ‘a thing that is a focus of attention or attraction’ (OED). This name keeps us focused on the soil. Lodestone has greater rock content than the other vineyards.


this is the north-east facing vineyard that was planted in 1998 and 1999. Also warm, it is a little vineyard of 2.5 acres and planted mostly of clone G5V15 from cuttings given to us by Nat and Rosalie White at Main Ridge Estate (there is also about 20% MV6). Hommage is a tribute to the winemaking families who have gone before. It is more sheltered than the other vineyards.


this is the east-facing vineyard of 3 acres that was planted in 1998. It is temperate, peaceful and planted entirely of clone MV6, which historians tell us comes from 18th century Burgundian stock brought to Australia by the early European settlers. Claude Garamond (deceased c.1561) was a Renaissance French typographer whose elegant font appears on our label and stationary. Garamond gets all the warm morning and little of the hot afternoon sun. It is the coolest of the vineyards, from the air that circulates in the small valley that it overlooks.

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