J.J Prum 2018 Release

With the rise of so many excellent winemakers in the region, one might have supposed that J.J. Prüm, with its profound conservatism, might have been overtaken and left behind. Not a bit of it. The Estate remains where it has been for decades: at the summit. STEPHEN BROOK, The Wines of Germany

No matter what kind of mood you are in, the world always seems a better place with a glass of Prüm in hand; these are gracious, charming, wines that go straight for the heart leaving you only with the desire to finish the bottle quickly, resolving to finish a second bottle more slowly and reflectively. STEPHAN REINHARDT, The Wine Advocate

2018, the vintage whose white wines are just being released, was the best one many growers can remember, for both quality and quantity JANCIS ROBINSON MW

German vintage 2018 – best ever?
It would probably be the understatement of the year to say that 2018 has been a good year for German vine growers. MICHAEL SCHMIDT, jancisrobinson.com

2018 takes its place in a series with 1911, 1959 and 2001. These wines were the driest years in our region in the last 100 years, and can be counted among the greats. KLAUS-PETER KELLER

The wines are promising, and 2018 is on pace to be Germany’s fifth straight vintage of outstanding or better quality. WINE SPECTATOR

My favourite offer of the year? Possibly, very possibly. I have said it many, many times and will say it again now, Prum may be my favourite producer of white wine. Really it depends on the mood but I can’t think of any producer whose wines have given me more enjoyment over my life than those of Katharina. Scintillating and bursting with energy in their youth the wines only gain a different kind of freshness with age. Moving from citrus and pomme fruits loaded up with minerality to more nuanced and detailed expressions that, when at their best, seem to be the essence of youthful enthusiasm and energy no matter their age. Few things in the wine world are quite as intoxicating as a great bottle of mature Riesling and few rival those of Prum.

As to the vintage, well, I know I have said this for a few years in a row now (four actually) but 2018 is one of the best vintages in some time. There seems to be a number ideas as to why Germany has had a string of such brilliant years and really no disaster vintages for some time. Whatever the cause the fact of the matter is 2018s from the best producers are super.

For Prum it is a rare year where richness and flamboyance is equally matched by cut and drive. It’s a year where balance, especially in the higher pradikats, isn’t the term I would apply. We talk about tension a lot but these really do feel tense. The best of them feel more like they are walking a knifes edge and there’s an interplay between the elements, sweetness, acidity, richness of fruit all vying for position.

Exhilarating and thrilling wines. I can’t wait to see them grow and mature. All the material is there in the wines to suggest they will one day outstrip some of their recent counterparts. They are a scintillating bracket that makes you stop and really look. At the Kabinetts all have this intriguing petrichor character and the minerality, for now, is most abundantly obvious at this level. Will they be great? Yes, absolutely! They’ll need patience though.

Katharina only ever lets people taste out of bottle so I assume reviews for these will come only when they have made their way to the offices and homes of the world’s wine writers over coming months (Though some reviews for a couple of the Auction wines have surfaced and they are off the charts, always a good sign). For now you will have to take my word for it when I say, these are as brilliant as ever and, once again, as compelling a bracket of Mosel Riesling one could expect to see from any producer.

I expect that with the general hype around the quality of the vintage in the Mosel these will sell very quickly so if you are interested I urge you to contact me as early as possible to secure what you may like to avoid disappointment.