James Halliday 2021 Big Guns Offer

I guess it’s not news to most Australian wine collectors and consumers that the annual James Halliday Wine Awards were held last night. This is the most significant wine event for many producers in any given year as the release of the reviews for so many wines tasted by James and his team are finally released to them and the public.

While there are a number of things we would like to draw your attention to over the next little while there were four wines that immediately jumped out for us. These are all wines we have offered to our customers and promoted heavily in store over the last while as each of them offers something we thought was genuinely special.

While two of these will probably be well known to you a couple may not be. I have made some quick points on each wine below as to why we included them here. It is always nice to see our opinions validated by the wine community and supported with such praise and scores.

Frankland Estate is among the very top Rieslings producers in Australia. The 2019 Poison Hill is, we think, one of the greatest releases of this wine to date.

Shadowfax may fly under the radar for many consumers but in recent years there has been a shift here and the wines are looking amazing. They were always great but there has been some tweaks in style and we think they are highlighted beautifully in this Macedon Pinot which absolutely hums. It is sourced from a high altitude vineyard they planted a few years back called Little Hampton. It was a gamble given the altitude but the results have been fantastic from the first release.

By Farr probably needs no introduction but we really loved the Farrside this year. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Koomilya. There are some pretty extraordinary quotes about the man behind this label floating around. He has won just about everything over his career and many would regard him as one of, if not the, best producer of our time. This is his project of love and we have been banging the drum hard for these since the first release and are thrilled to see the wines receiving the kind of attention they justly deserve.

These four are just some of the great Australian wines we have tasted in the last year and while we are always looking to offer new and exciting wines to our customers it is also great to be able to re -offer these now that there is press to support our feelings about them.

We are offering them with our usual 15% off and with a minimum 20% off in straight six packs of any wine. It is important to say that many of these were already low and we have no more than 10 dozen available of any wine. Please get in early if you are interested to avoid missing out. They will sell out.