Jamsheed and Graillot Saturday Tasting

Though Hermitage is still king of the northern Rhone appellations, the larger, more heterogeneous Crozes-Hermitage is the region’s rising star, thanks to topflight winemakers like Alain Graillot… in the space of 17 years Alain Graillot has established a reputation for making his Crozes Hermitage the most sought after of the appellation. Alain has a passion for the Syrah grape from which he makes hand crafted wines of great distinction and enormous elegance. The Wine Spectator

Outward-looking and motivated, Maxime Graillot is a good receiver of his father`s baton. He is determined to make wine in his own style, emphasizing elegance. This is likely to become well-known and fashionable wine. JOHN LIVINGSTONE-LEARMONTH

Graillot is only a few vintages young but we already expect a lot. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front

There’s a brilliance to them, and brilliance is at its best when it has a clear use. Jamsheed has burned itself away from the ruck and is now a leading producer. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front

In light of our tasting in Sydney this week, we have wines on offer from four producers, 3 of which are under the same umbrella of the legendary Alain Graillot – Alain Graillot’s Rhone Crozes-Hermitage, his son Maxime’s Rhone Crozes-Hermitage, Alain Graillot’s Australian project in collaboration with Robert Walters – ‘Graillot’ in Heathcote, made by Luke Lambert, and of course Jamsheed from Gary Mills in the Yarra Valley. We’ve recently seen their new releases and while the styles of each winemaker are all quite different, all are producing wines of exceptional quality from cool climates, with an eye for site specificity.