Jamsheed Single Vineyard Syrahs 2016

There’s a brilliance to them, and brilliance is at its best when it has a clear use. Jamsheed has burned itself away from the ruck and is now a leading producer. CAMPBELL MATTINSON, The Wine Front

There are a lot of cool-cat, boutique wine producers out there these days, but there are few that manage to produce wines of outstanding quality at the same time – Jamsheed has won my vote. A winery which has gone against the grain (for Aussie wines) and stripped all ideologies back to basics, focusing purely on terroir, with an aim to be seen, heard and recognised via expression. They are one of the original ‘new-wave’ producers out of Australia and were named ‘Victorian Winery of the Year’ in 2012 by Sommeliers Australia. Jamsheed encompasses both the past and future of creative, leading-edge wines in Australia.

The hands behind it all is Gary Mills, who first started out as an English teacher, studying and working in Japan for several years before he was stunned with an epiphany to flee to Margaret River and work in a vineyard. Before long, he was working under the hat of Paul Draper at Ridge Vineyards in California, soaking up his many years of winemaking experience. After a few more years spent gallavanting around vineyards in America, he returned home and in 2003, the beast (Jamsheed) was born.

Jamsheed has rapidly gained a reputation for producing four very unique, terroir-driven, Rhone-like, single vineyard Syrahs from various sites across Victoria. The new releases of the single vineyard Syrahs are here and we had the pleasure of tasting them last week. With a slightly warmer year and a speedy vintage, the 2016 Syrahs are quite fruit-forward and plentiful, still retaining that extraordinary precision and balance that Jamsheed consistently delivers.

Note: Gary has decided to hold back the Beechworth Syrah until a little later this year, so we will offer this wine out to a handful of customers when it is released in a few months.

We are offering these wines individually at 15% off or alternatively, as a mixed dozen at 20% off so you can have a go at each. If you would like to order you can do so online, by responding to this email, or calling me at the store on 02 9663 4665. 

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