Jancis Robinson Wine Glass Offer

Reds, whites and sparklings all tasted at least as good, often better, than they did from other glasses I tested. HUON HOOKE

Wine in the Jancis Robinson glass tasted as good or better than the range of wines tasted in alternative glasses, although my judgement may have been influenced by the glasses' lightness and almost sensual delicacy. BOB CAMPBELL MW
First and foremost, the Jancis Robinson wine glass is excellent. I may head in to what may seem to be 'bells and whistles' territory but the underlying theme here is versatility coupled with uncompromising quality. 

The glass itself is a collaboration between designer Richard Brendon and wine guru Jancis Robinson MW.  The two set out to design a singular wine glass that would be suitable for all styles of wine, sparkling, aromatic, full-bodied, light, dense.  All of them. I must admit, this appeals to me greatly as I do most of my drinking from one glass at home.

The shape, whilst visually elegant was taste tested rigorously by Jancis to ensure this glass does exactly what they set out to do. The stem is designed to feel more stable and also fit in a dishwasher. Conversely the bowl has taken direct inspiration from Zalto. Light, super thin and lead free. Each hand blown by master craftsmen.

But what about Pinot?  Incredibly the aromatic reds perform great in this glass too.  Winemaker Stephen Panel attested to this at the Sydney launch tasting, citing tasting his Nebbiolo's from the Jancis Robinson glass as the light bulb moment. Food for thought indeed.