Jane Eyre Cotes de Nuits Villages

I met Jane Eyre during my final week in Burgundy at her base at Château de Bligny, where I tasted her four reds and a new Fleurie from Beaujolais. I was impressed by these wines: crisp and fresh with delicious, crunchy, brambly red fruit and commendable complexity. They come highly recommended. NEAL MARTIN, The Wine Advocate

I can see no reason not to go large this year, since 2016 offers both quality and character. JASPER MORRIS MW

The best wines are wonderfully refreshing, transparent and graceful with moderately firm tannic spines where the all-important element of balance is supplemented by good but not high acidities.  There is no reason not to go heavy – I for one will be buying all that I can afford and find. More specifically, there are two aspects that I absolutely love about the 2016s which are those of the crystalline transparency to the underlying terroirs coupled with their refreshing drinkability.  One just feels like drinking the 2016s, in fact it’s hard not to like them. BURGHOUND

If you read our regular Burgundy emails you may have noticed that this year we have had to go back to a few producers and ask for top ups. On the back of the devastating frosts and the subsequent tiny volumes of great Burgs here in Oz it has been a real boon to be able to utilize the relationships we have with some of our friends in the region to source some more top flight wines for our loyal Burgundy customers.

Jane will need no introduction but a little note on why we took another chunk of this wine is probably in order. We think it combines quality, style and grace with beautiful fruit and it does so at a very reasonable price for the quality in the bottle. It has all the good parts of the year, upfront fruit, bright acidity and silky phenolics all married with Jane’s gentle winemaking.

Jane’s wines have come a long way in recent years and it is great to see them getting the recognition from the press they rightly deserve. We agree with our learned colleague Neal Martin at Wine Advocate when he points out that her wines are impressive and “come highly recommended” but then we have been saying that for a while.

We only have twenty dozen of this gorgeous little wine to offer and are only offering it to previous buyers for now. We have included the original pre arrival pricing of 20% off per bottle and 25% off in a straight six pack. In all sincerity at this price this wine is fantastic value and makes for some brilliant drinking.