Jane Eyre & Giant Steps New Releases

We welcome both Steve Famsteed and Jane Eyre to the store to show their new releases. Both Jane and Steve are at the top of their game: Steve has produced absolutely cracking and classic Yarra wines in 2017 and Janes 2016 Burgundies have received rave press from the UK and US.

2017 was a classic vintage in the Yarra Valley and the wines of Giant Steps have never looked better. The addition of two new single vineyard wines from the Wombat Creek Vineyard have rounded out the collection for Steve Flamsteed and the Giant Steps team. These are impressive wines with plenty of texture and weight, without sacrificing structure.

Jane will show pre-arrival samples of her 2016 red Burgundies. 2016 follows the familiar modern Burgundian narrative: difficult growing season marred by extreme weather events, rescued by a warm period prior to harvest. The wines are excellent but they are in very short supply and this is likely to be the only chance to taste Jane’s wines.