Jean Defaix Chablis Vaillons 2017 1er Offer

Personally, I would go back and take a serious look at any 2017s you can find on retail shelves and wine lists. 2017 is exceptional as I noted in my tasting report last year. They have serious Chablis character with a sturdy backbone of acidity, concentration, weight and ripeness. It was a great vintage for so many producers right across the scale of classification. NICK STOCK,

The Dampt wines are always wonderfully pure and graceful and are capable of aging extremely well… with age, they blossom and I have had some lovely older Dampt wines that have been exceptional. Note: the wines also appear under the Jean Defaix label but they are identical to the Daniel Dampt version. BURGHOUND

I still love those moments when I taste something that makes me stop and really take notice. I love Defaix’s wines (which may be labelled as Daniel Dampt in some countries) in general but this Vaillons really stood up tall and proud and demanded some damn respect. It is a guarantee, if you enjoy classically styled Chablis then this thing is going to put a smile on your face that stretches from ear to ear. As good as it is now, and it really is, I think it is fair to say that with a little time in the bottle it will be even better.

We loved this wine so much we thought it was worth just sending a quick email to our Chablis customers with a red hot six pack price of $340 which is more than 20% off. It is one of those wines you can safely buy up and drink now or put it in a dark cool cellar somewhere and forget about for a while. It is a blindingly good example of Vaillons!

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