Jean Marc Pillot 2017 Pre Arrival Offer

One of the biggest surprises about the 2017 whites is just how vibrant they are; in fact from purely a palate impression standpoint, it would be hard to guess that the acidities aren’t higher. For me and speaking only about my wines, the 2017s are classic white burgundies with good salinity and transparency.” I second Pillot’s view of his whites as they are indeed classically styled BURGHOUND

Jean-Marc Pillot has now taken over the running of this 10-hectare Domaine in Chassagne Montrachet from his father Jean. He is a trained oenologist and has propelled the domaine into the top rank of Chassagne producers. Unfortunately demand for his wines has soared worldwide and as a result, stocks are limited. Buy while stocks remain! These wines seem to possess everything – richness and depth of fruit, the classic firmness of a great Chassagne and a long, smooth and harmonious finish. JASPER MORRIS MW

The tasting with JM this year was great. There is no way to say this without sounding like he is paying me to promote him but, Jean-Marc is one of the most gifted white wine makers I have encountered anywhere in the world and, as long as I have been tasting them, hasn’t skipped a beat yet.

There is more than just raw talent at play here, as any visit with the great man will show you. You taste in his very utilitarian warehouse styled winery outside of town, it isn’t exactly the romantic picture people have about tasting wine in some dusty underground cellar in Burgundy. I have seen a lot of cellars around the world and I always get a little more excited when everything is spotlessly clean and everything has, and is in, its proper home. Fastidious attention to details like this don’t always result in a better wine but it sure helps. JMs place is pristine and he knows where everything is at any given time. He, like his contemporaries are mostly concerned with their vineyards and from there ensuring the years work is given the best opportunity to shine. That is his real gift, coaxing out every little bit that the grapes can offer without ever overworking them. The results are reliably brilliant.

His 2017s are striking, there is a pronounced salinity to them that both Michael and I commented on at the winery and that seems to be a trend in the better 17s. As a broad statement, in the context of the individual climates and communes, they are mineral laden and intense with plenty of stuffing and energy but unlike say his 14s they are a touch more relaxed and easy going, but I hasten to add I think they are just as good as his 14s in their own way which is a big call. I think the term I would use for his 17s, if I had to pick one, is seamless, nothing sticking out or out of place and everything in nice little bundle.

Those with keen eyes will have noted the presence of a few new wines. Some are new to the domaine and some new to us but all are equally worthy of your attention and provide great drinking at reasonable pricing.