Jermann + Suavia: Northern Italian Legends

Silvio Jermann has a reputation for making Italy's some of Italy's best white wines. It's a deserved reputation, in my view. This range of wines, which come from the predominantly mountainous Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in the northeast corner of Italy, is consistently superb. JAMIE GOODE, Wine Anorak

Suavia makes wines of notable complexity that need air to show their best. ANTONIO GALLONI

Soave & Fruili are two italian wine regions that enjoyed exponential growth during the 60’s & 70’s, raising their international profile but also succumbing to more industrialised wineries seeking to match the thirst of demand with a commercially affordable product, that whilst could be good, often lacked character.  Having said that some producers stuck to path of quality of quantity, whilst others came back to this kind of methodology as the estates past the baton to a new generation.  We’ve picked two great examples to showcase for you.

Suavia is one of the top very small handful of producers in Soave. They farm 12 hectares of vines planted on black volcanic soils, in the heart of the region where the family have been since 1887.  An area that  They and their ilk have returned Soave (from the original zone) to its rightful place as one of Italy's greatest white wines.

Any listing of Italy's greatest producers is incomplete without the wines of the Jermann family. At the time Silvio took over the family estate his views and winemaking vision was considered heretical. These days his stable is littered with benchmark expressions; Vintage Tunina, Where the Dreams Have No End, Capo Martina to name a few at the high end but the whole range at any price point is quite special. PWS