JM Pillot Chassagne Village 2017 Offer

One of the biggest surprises about the 2017 whites is just how vibrant they are; in fact from purely a palate impression standpoint, it would be hard to guess that the acidities aren’t higher. For me and speaking only about my wines, the 2017s are classic white burgundies with good salinity and transparency.” I second Pillot’s view of his whites as they are indeed classically styled BURGHOUND

many growers are beginning to opine, equal or even surpass the haloed 2014s. NEAL MARTIN

Jean-Marc Pillot has now taken over the running of this 10-hectare Domaine in Chassagne Montrachet from his father Jean. He is a trained oenologist and has propelled the domaine into the top rank of Chassagne producers. Unfortunately demand for his wines has soared worldwide and as a result, stocks are limited. Buy while stocks remain! These wines seem to possess everything – richness and depth of fruit, the classic firmness of a great Chassagne and a long, smooth and harmonious finish. JASPER MORRIS MW

This is one of those situations where we were having a glass of wine with lunch, for educational purposes and quality control, and we grabbed an old favourite off the shelf. I hadn’t seen this wine since we tasted it there and I remember loving it at the time and was not wrong. What a wine it is! JM absolutely nailed the 17s to the wall, which is one of the best white vintages in some time, and his Chassagne Village is the perfect example of that.

When the wines were released back in August it was a feeding frenzy, most of his Premiers and Grands vanished in moments but I think in the rush to grab Jean-Marc’s Cru wines his Chassagne was perhaps overlooked which is a real shame. In my mind the man makes consistently the best example of Village Chassagne going around. He doesn’t shy away from the communes natural expression of honest minerality and richness, he embraces it openly giving the fruit its full voice.

It’s intense with a lemon oil and wild mint character, plenty of energy and power with a big dollop of minerality and a real punch to the fruit that is buffered by some textural extract. It really is bang on the money. You couldn’t ask for anything more from a wine at this level, seriously.

After we drank a couple of glasses I had a look in the system and it would appear that we still have a little, not a huge amount but enough that I thought we should send a little email out to those of you who have supported JM’s wines over the years and offer you the wine at a very special six pack price which is a little more than 25% off.

I think at this price it will sell out very quickly so please get in early if you would like some. As good as it is now I think its got a few years growth ahead of it if that is your bent.