Juwel 2016 Riesling

The first thing she changed was a move to organic viticulture and for all grapes to be hand-picked for better control and delicacy.

At only 28, Juliane Eller has become the very face of “Generation Riesling”. Generation Riesling was created by the German Wine Institute 10 years ago with the vision to modernise and take Riesling into the future. The only rule is that once you turn 35, you are retired from the group. Having transformed her family winery in a very short five years in-charge, she is now on the very front of the transformation and modernisation that Germany has gone through in the last decade. With Juliane’s wines, there’s a delicacy and weightlessness that you won’t find many other places. She is truly one of the most gifted winemakers out there and one to follow closely. We have managed to get a very limited amount of her 2016 Riesling and at $160/ 6-pack it’s nothing short of a steal.

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